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Against workplace bullying and abuse

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  • There is one thing stronger than all the BULLIES in the world,
    and that is an idea whose time has come... - Victor Hugo 

    All around the world workers are treated differently, whether by society, the government, the law, employers or unions. This means that employees performance, sick leave, health and productivity varies too.

    This area of jfo seeks to compare various issues in different countries with a view to enabling more effective education and campaigning in those countries that perform the worst or to help the better ones to get even better. It may give a focus on what can be done and how. Once enough comparisons are done, some correlation work will take place to further this area.

    The first full comparison to be completed is Work-Life Balance. More will follow but it is time consuming to research in such detail. If you wish to offer any help in this area it would be greatly appreciated. The next comparisons to be done can be discussed in the User Forum.

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