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jfo:i Online Support Group

Our online support offers a secure environment in which to seek the advice and support you need. Our is different:

Lurkers & Trolls - A main issue with some online groups is that anyone can join and no checks are made. The majority of users are genuine but there is an 'unknown quantity' in the membership, which can make some victims uncomfortable. These problems members can include defence lawyers, employers, HR reps and trolls, who are people out to abuse others on the internet. When victims suffer from hypervigilence or are going through grievance or litigation, this can be a real problem. The amount of information that is shared is restricted and so is the benefit that could be gained if someone felt they could be more open to their fellow victims.

Our online support group is by application only to reduce the threat of lurkers and trolls to an absolute minimum.

Campaigning - Many support groups campaign but some don't have the resources to.

Our online support group is a member of the Network so we can join forces with the other members to campaign more effectively.

To join the new group, please email us

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