Welcome to the London Support Group!

The London Support Group (LSG) is a face to face support group for people who have or are suffering from workplace bullying. Our membership covers London and the South East and we meet up once a month in Central London. We are a friendly group of like-minded people and all meetings are in a safe environment. We also have a private members only internet based discussion forum. Membership and meetings are free.

Our meetings are based on a 2-step approach - support and socialising. Understanding that members may be at different stages of the target cycle, some may only need and be able to participate in the support element. Further down the road to recovery you may feel more ready to socialise and join us for friendly chats over a few drinks after the support session. And for those over the main bullying and its effects may wish to only attend the social side, as belonging to the group does bring many friendships. Members are free to choose either session or both at any meeting.

In our meetings and on the forum, we discuss methods for dealing with bullies, workplace issues including grievances and dismissals, legal action options, health issues and taking other individual and collective action against workplace bullying. And then we socialise if you are ready to join in!

As a support group, our primary aim is to provide support with a philosophy of positive choice. As well as our meetings and forum, support is shared in other ways - we try to attend each others tribunals and court cases, sharing information on good legal contacts and by arrangement it may be possible to accompany members to grievance or health meetings. The forum provides access to resources that may be helpful to members and we have a chat facility which members may use at any time.

The LSG look forward to meeting new members, more details can be found on the 'apply' page.

The LSG is a member of the Support Group Network, which links workplace bullying support groups and interested organisations around the world.

If you have a professional interest (media/research etc) please contact us.


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