Buchan Teacher Support Group

Are you employed in education?

Teacher, nursery nurse, classroom assistant?

Are you being bullied at work?

Do you recognise bullying?

I have been through this experience and now wish to offer support before you find yourself, like me, unable to work at all. Don't suffer in silence.

I was a teacher locally until 2000. Since being directed to Tim Field's website and book I have not looked back. When I met him in October 2003 I told him he had been my saviour to which he replied, "Many people have told me that."

I have learned so much from following threads from Tim's site/book and others. Through attending meetings in London, Birmingham and Cardiff I have met some lovely people who have been damaged by bullying in the workplace.

My introduction to Support Groups came about with an invitation to the London Support Group when I was on a short trip there back in 2002. It was a great boost to me to speak with others who were in the same boat and I have now set up the Buchan Teacher Support Group in Aberdeenshire.

Please contact Norma for further information


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