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B.C.A.S. - Bullying, Conciliation & Advisory Service


  • Provide advice and assistance to all IT contractors/recruitment agencies and clients with bullying issues and employment issues
  • To assist people who feel that they have suffered from any form of mistreatment from Sunguard Sherwood Systems, DEFRA and Atos Origin.
  • To encourage corporate responsibility and tackle any form of workplace abuse.


By sharing with others who have suffered a perceived detriment by these organisations and giving mutual support to one another. BCAS is interested in giving people the ability, resources and information necessary to get fair treatment. BCAS looks to change the culture, procedures and management of alleged abuses that have occurred, to make things better for all staff and allied workers.

Help and Advice

We will help you understand the options available and give you advice on any matters. Advice may be as simple as just listening or may be more comprehensive. If the issue has become legal BCAS will support your right to be heard and will attend all legal proceeding and provide care for the whole family. We will give you the options the likely consequences and support whatever you decide.

If you have found you are having problems drop us a line.


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