Are you having trouble at British Airways?

Are you making a complaint or taking internal grievance action?

Are you taking a legal case against them?

Need help and support?


The bullied@BritishAirways Support Group

This small private support group was created in 2003 by a former member of BA staff to help others who find themselves on the receiving end of any type of abuse within the organisation. This includes:

Bullying, harassment or mobbing

Any type of discrimination, such as on the grounds of sex, race, disability, sexuality, age - or even just 'cos

Any failure or abuse of power by HR or management in dealing with complaints appropriately

Any detriment suffered as a result of making a complaint

The members of the support group meet face to face [time, location and health willing] and the group also has a private internet forum. Specific advice can be given to those seeking redress within BA or externally. For more information, please send brief details of your experiences/grievances to

The baBA Support Group is also a member of the Support Group Network, which was created to link all the workplace abuse support groups around the world.

bulliedatBritishAirways does not have any approval (express or implied) or involvement from British Airways
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