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Support - Online & Face to Face

Online Support Forum
JFO provide an online support group for people who are being bullied at work. Many online forums are 'open', meaning any can get access and see members postings but our group is 'closed' to provide a safe environment to share sensitive information.

All members are vetted prior to being given access to our online group, which is free of charge. You can ask for advice, seek emotional support and understanding or just put the world to rights! We have members from all over the world facing a range of bullying situations and you will find others who know exactly what you're going through. To apply to join, please contact the Centre on 01753 593117 or email support [at] jfo [dot] org [dot] uk [replace the at with @; dot with .]

We accept that this type of group and requirements to join is not for everyone, so if you don't need your support messages to be private, then we recommend the Workbully-Support online forum

Face To Face Meetings
JFO will start support meetings shortly. These meetings will merge the membership of our online group and the old London Support Group, originally set up by JFO's founder in 2002. This new group plans to provide a monthly meeting in London, a monthly meeting in Slough and access to online support.

If you would like to be notified about our support meetings or would like to apply to join then please contact the Centre on 01753 593117 or email support [at] jfo [dot] org [dot] uk

UK & Rest of World Support Groups: There are lots of other support groups all over the world. Wherever you are, check out the list of groups who are members of the Workplace Bullying Support Group Network. The Network can also help if you're thinking of setting up a new support group.


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