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Return to Work Toolkit [RTW]

It's well known that people who are bullied may have mental and physical ill-health, take sick leave, may have a breakdown, get sacked, have to resign or be retired early. How on earth do you get back to work?!

That's the subject of our ESF funded project to develop a toolkit for those wishing to return to work. This is the only post-bullying intervention work being carrier out in the UK, and to our knowledge, the world.

For the project, our RTW consultant will be:

  • Identifying barriers and concerns to returning to work
  • Holding focus groups to get our clients views and experiences
  • Reviewing other return to work programmes, albeit not specific to bullying there will be some crossover issues
  • Interviewing successful return to workers
  • Interviewing experts in this field
  • Assessing employer attitudes to people who have been bullied and seeking work
  • Brainstorming solutions and recommending ideas
  • Recommending a way forward
  • Publish the output as a toolkit by the end of 2006

    If you'd like more information or wish to input your experiences and views, then please contact the Centre on 01753 593117.


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