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Welcome to Nymphy's Corner!

Nymphy Dingle, the Pussycat Princess is jfo's mascat [cat mascot!] and she's in change of the chill out and fun zone. We hope you enjoy her cuddly charms....

You know, you humans have got it all wrong - all this work is no good for you. The aim in life should be to have fun and be loved. Work? Nah, have a cuddle or get your belly tickled instead! That's what I was trying to tell mummy when this photo was taken. She wanted to work on the jfo website but I put my foot down, well OK, stuck my belly out - 'You need to chill out more, go on, tickle my belly!' I said.

I'm hoping to show you some more good ways to get chilled or relax in my section. I mean, I don't expect you all to be able to play 'flipperty-flip' in the bath like me at the end of it......but you never know! (Water is optional, I choose without!)

We've got something for everyone so check out the fun-filled pages in my section!

Nymphy Dingle

p.s. You might also want to look at the health section - it has self help, complementary therapy and lots of online resources.


Nymphy Dingle (1992 - 2010) Rest In Peace Little Girl

Some photos to remember the best pet anyone could ask for




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